Agghgasdfadh. I HAVE BEEN SO FREAKING BUSY. But the good type of busy. I’ve been focusing on my work pretty heavily and while that is awesome, I’ve also been neglecting important things like eating right and getting sleep and generally just taking care of myself.

Of course on the day I decide to get back to eating clean, there’s pizza for staff at my job. I can smell it wafting through the building. Ermahgerdddd. 

The last week and a half has been an all out indulgence fest. I’m realizing just how foggy brained and sluggish I feel when I eat like that. Trying to get back on my health grind. Not for weightless or anything, but for total well-being. I was anemic the last time i had blood work done so I’m hoping by changing my diet that my iron levels will be back to normal soon. 

My sugar addiction is so reallll. I’m craving a big, fat, sugary carbonated drink or something. Ugh. I feel like a fiend looking for a fix!